VOLSUN- Lighting Showroom in Mohali

Our Brand

Volsun, the new initiative of Sunrise Light house, is focused to provide premium lighting and authentic home décor to the entire nation.

Sunrise Light House was found in the year 2001 by Mr. Surender Beniwal, who was a young emerging entrepreneur in the decade.

Our Company Motto

Think Different, Live Different

We the Sunrise Group are focused to provide the Indian consumers the pleasure of premium lighting and home décor with our reliable and bona fide designs. Our designers work day & night to bring new  & innovative designs to add to our collection.

We strictly keep our company motto, "Think Different, Live Different" in our minds while designing our products so as to give our customers the best. 

Our Exclusive Stores

Think Different, Live Different

Volsun is the recent unit of Sunrise Group, started in 2021. The showroom is situated in Mohali, Punjab. The founder and team of Sunrise Group are aimed at providing their service to the entire nation and soon will open more units all-over the country.

Sunrise Light House

Sunrise Group is the parent company of VOLSUN & Sunrise Light House was the first initiative of Sunrise Group started in year 2001 by the founder Mr. Surender Beniwal. The company is located in Shiva Market, Pitampura, Delhi.

You Dream It, We Make It

Crizora was the second initiative of Sunrise Group started in the year 2012. The showroom is located on the outskirts of Delhi, near Ghitorni.

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